Aujain Eghbali, European patent attorney at B&G

Aujain Eghbali

Co-founding partner

European Patent Attorney
French Patent Attorney
Master of Laws (civil law)

Aujain graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (top school in Mathematics for Europe) with a major in applied mathematics. Turned towards Asia, he did a six-month research internship on databases at Toshiba in Yokohama. He also graduated from the University of Tokyo where he obtained a research-oriented Master’s degree in innovation management.

Aujain was trained during more than five years in a major patent attorney law firm in Paris.

His privileged technical field is NICTs, with special emphasis on:

  • Computer programs;
  • Algorithmics;
  • Applied mathematics in various technical applications such as 3D representations and signal processing.

He has a strong experience in patent prosecution before the European, American, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Chinese patent offices. He is a skilled patent application drafter for European and international procédures.