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Available and responsive: we are at your side when you need us.

Experts in our field: we provide you with high-quality advice.

Flexible and innovative: we follow and anticipate the evolution of practices.

Founded in 2014, Bandpay & Greuter is an intellectual property firm endeavoring to modernize services offered in patent matters.

Bandpay & Greuter takes great interest in your business and your market so as to better adapt to all of your needs.

We work for international industrial groups but also for start-up companies. Part of the cases that we handle can be viewed on official online registers.

We are located in Paris, but we are happy to go and meet our clients, wherever they are.

Indeed, we operate on a fully paperless basis – for better efficiency – but we are convinced that face-to-face meetings are also essential, in order to better understand one another and build a relationship of trust.

Our Strengths

From detecting innovation to drafting patent applications, from prosecuting patent applications to opposing granted patents, from supplying freedom-to-operate opinions to providing due diligence analyses, we offer the full range of services which are required for carrying out your projects. But with a number assets that make a difference.

The diversity of our technical skills

Owing to their top-level scientific education and owing to their different professional experiences, Bandpay & Greuter’s counsels can cover all technical fields, such as computer science, telecommunications, electronics, mechanics, physics, material science, chemistry or biology.

Our expertise in software inventions

Computer systems, human-machine interfaces, inventions from applied mathematics, etc.: IT innovation raises specific challenges, in an ever-changing international legal environment. Due to our education, we are first and foremost engineers, and we have developed the expertise which will allow you to take up these challenges.

Our flexibility

Each company develops its own process management. Cost control and cost predictability are also key requirements in today’s economy.

By drafting patent applications directly in English, by using or developing adapted software tools, by building synergies with all of your partners, etc., we work hard to personalize our services and produce more value for you.

Our experience in litigation

Patent litigation is a high-stake issue for all businesses.

We are significantly experienced in opposition proceedings as well as patent litigation in France and abroad, including in highly complex cases. We endeavor to find creative solutions, in whatever situation you are faced with.

Our passion for team work

The patent attorney profession can sometimes be individualistic. We are not. We believe in collective intelligence.

We work together towards the success of your projects, and we share our skills with all of your other service providers (trademark attorneys, attorneys-at-law…) in order to provide you with the best possible service.

Our international mindedness

Our clients think globally and so do we. We are used to handling cases on multiple fronts, especially in Europe, the United States and Asia.

In particular, we carefully select our network across the world, notably in key markets such as North America, China, Japan, Korea, as well as emerging countries such as India.

Our team

Bandpay & Greuter’s team is young, but it was trained in the most prestigious patent law firms and general law firms. Our respective experiences led us to the academic world, the industry and abroad. Intellectual curiosity, openness and collective work are our keywords.

Bandpay & Greuter and You

As far as industrial property is concerned, there are as many different expectations as businesses. We at Bandpay & Greuter’s are well aware of that, and we make every effort to provide the advice and the services that you do need – and only those.

Major industrial groups

Do you have to handle many projects in parallel? We offer tools to optimize the management of complex portfolios, and we eliminate useless costs.

You will be able to harness our strong experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications, but also in oppositions and litigation.

By standing with you in the long run, we get to understand your business, which makes it possible for us to provide high-value advice, in order to help you make the right decisions every day.

Foreign companies

Deciding whether to file European patent applications or national patent applications; facing a multitude of local specificities (for instance regarding inventive step, or extension of subject-matter); thinking ahead of the future legal upheaval of the unitary patent and the unified patent court, etc. Those are questions which are all the more difficult to address for our foreign clients.

We are there to help you take the best advantage of opportunities offered by French and European practice, but also to teach you how not to fall into its traps. And English is often our first working language (orally and in writing)!

Universities and research institutions

We studied and worked in some of the leading education and research institutions. Therefore, we will never balk at diving into challenging scientific discussions, always keeping in mind the goal to achieve the best possible value creation based on your innovations.

SMEs and start-up companies

High-tech start-up companies and traditional SMEs have at least one thing in common: the issues that they face, notably in terms of intellectual property, are seldom small-sized.

Every time this is possible, we help you secure your market owing to one or a few key patents. Furthermore, we help you assess the risks of rights held by third parties, and we brainstorm with you on how to reduce these risks as much as possible.

If you would like us to, we can also provide tailored formations, e.g. on how to detect innovation, how to comply with the statute on employees’ inventions, etc.

Investors and law professionals

We are available to provide you with the high-level expertise and the responsiveness that are required, either occasionally or on the long term, to assist you and your clients in the context of due diligence, litigation, negotiations, and the like.